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ACCOUNTS Pay Restructuring

State Pay Revision Committee

AGRICULTURE Agriculture, Animal & Fisheries Dept.
AGRICULTURE Agriculture & Co-operation Dept.
AGRICULTURE Agriculture, Dairy Development Department
AGRICULTURE Agriculture Department
AGRICULTURE Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Dairy Development
AGRICULTURE Agriculture, Animal Husbandry Dept
AGRICULTURE Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development & Fisheries Dept
AGRICULTURE Agriculture, Dairy Development & Fisheries Dept.
AGRICULTURE Agriculture, Veterinary, Dairy Development & Fisheries
ANIMAL Animal Husbandry Department
ANIMAL Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development & Fisheries Dept
ANIMAL Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development Dept.
ANIMAL Animal Husbandry, Fisheries Dept.
ANIMAL Animal Husbandry, Milk Production Dept.
ARCHAEOLOGY Archaeology Department
CO-OP Co-operation & Textile Department
CO-OP Co-operation Department
CULTURAL Cultural Affairs Department
DAIRY Dairy Development, Animal Husbandry & Fisheries
DGP Director General of Police
EDUCATION Directorate of Technical Education
EDUCATION Education & Employment (Higher Education)
EDUCATION Education & Employment Department
EDUCATION Education Department
EDUCATION Education, Employment & Self Employment Department
EDUCATION Higher & Technical Education
EDUCATION Higher Education & Employment Dept.
EDUCATION Higher Education Department
EDUCATION Higher Tech. Education & Employment
EDUCATION Higher Tech. Education & VJNT & OBC & Spl.BC
EDUCATION Ministry of Education
EDUCATION School Education Department
EDUCATION Secondary Education Department
EDUCATION Tech.& Higher Tech. Education Dept
EDUCATION Technical Education Department
EDUCATION Vocational Education & Training Dept.
ELECTROL Chief Electrol Officer
EMPLOYMENT Employment & Self Employment Dept.
EMPLOYMENT Employment Exchange Department
EMPLOYMENT Employment Guarantee Scheme
ENVIRONMENT Environment & Forest
FAMILY WELFARE Family Welfare, Medical Education & Drugs Dept.
FINANCE Finance & Planning Dept
FINANCE Finance Department
FINANCE Ministry of Finance
FISHERIES Fisheries Department
FOOD Food & Civil Supplies Department
FOOD Food & Civil Supplies Dept
FOOD Food & Drugs Department
FOOD Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Protection Dept.
GAD Chief Secretary
GAD General Administration Department
HEALTH Health Department
HOME Director of Public Prosecution
HOME Home (Excise) Department
HOME Home (Transport)
HOME Home (Tribal) Department
HOME Home Affairs
HOME Home Department
HOME Home Department (Jail)
HOUSING Housing & Spl. Asstt. Department
HOUSING Housing Department
INDUSTRY Directorate of Industries
INDUSTRY Industries & Labour Department
INDUSTRY Industries Department
INDUSTRY Industries, Energy & Labour Department
INFORMATION Information & Public Relations
IRRIGATION Irrigation Department
LABOUR Labour Department
LABOUR Labour Welfare Department
LABOUR Ministry of Labour
LAW Law & Judiciary Department
MEDICAL Medical & Technical Education
MEDICAL Medical Education & Drugs Dept.
MEDICAL Medical Education & Research Department
MUNICIPAL Directorate of Municipal Council
PHD Public Health Department
PLANNING Employment Guarantee Scheme Planning
PLANNING Planning Department
POWER Power & Energy Department
PWD Buildings & Construction
PWD Electrical Sub Division
PWD Ministry Public Works Department
PWD Public Works Department
PWD Public Works Department (Bldg.)
RDD Rural Development & Irrigation Dept.
RDD Rural Development & Water Conservation Dept.
RDD Rural Development & Water Supply Dept.
RDD Rural Development Department
RDD Rural Development Dept. & Water Irrigation
REVENUE Revenue & Forest (Rehabilitation)
REVENUE Revenue & Forest Department
REVENUE Revenue & Forest Dept.(Forest)
REVENUE Revenue & Rehabilitation Department
REVENUE Revenue Department
SAVINGS Small Savings and State Lotteries
SOCIAL Social Welfare & Sports
SOCIAL Social Welfare Department
SOCIAL Social Welfare, Cultural Affairs, Sports
SPORTS Sports & Youth Service Dept.
SUPPLY Civil Supply & Consumer Protection Dept.
SUPPLY Ministry of Civil Supplies
SUPPLY Supply Department
TOWN Town Planing Department,
TRADE Trade Commerce and Mining Dept.
TRIBAL Tribal Development Department
UDD Urban Development / Health & Housing Dept.
UDD Urban Development Department
WATER Rural & Water Conservation Dept.
WATER Water Conservation Dept.
WATER Water Supply & Development Department
WATER Water Supply & Sanitation Dept.
WEIGHT Weights & Measures & Legal Metrology
WOMAN Woman Child Development Dept.
WOMAN Women & Child Welfare Department