Office of the Chief Presenting Officer, MAT, Mumbai

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To Respondents


1.           Mention your E-mail ID, Telephone Nos., Desk No. & Contact Person etc. on all letters / parawise remarks.  Also write the same on our DOCKET.


2.           **The Hon`ble Chairman, Shri Justice Ambadas H. Joshi, has made it clear in the open Court that if no reply is filed on the given date, then he will be imposing cost on concerned Officer, who is responsible for not filing the same.  Further parawise remarks must be dealing each para separately, do not mention “no comments” - either admit or deny; if denied reasons thereof. 


3.           **Also depute an Officer, above the rank of Desk Officer/Class-I from the Office who had passed final order / who has taken policy decision, for giving instruction and affirming Affidavit before next hearing date.  Affidavits of Subordinate Office may not be accepted.


4.           Please instruct the concerned person to attend Court on each occasion.  Check status of Court cases through our website :  Next hearing date/detail position will not be informed separately by this Office.


5.           Send only finally approved parawise remarks alongwith softcopy on PEN-DRIVE or through E-mail.  If separate Miscellaneous Application (MA) for delay condonation is filed, then send parawise comments to both OA & MA.   Inward your parawise / letters and than only show the same to concerned Presenting Officer.


6.           Always mention dates of orders, G.Rs, memos, circulars, letters etc. that are to be ENCLOSED in the parawise comments.  Mark the Exhibit numbers in the  parawise remarks only like Exhibit R-1, Exhibit R-2, Exhibit R-3 … Etc.  Exhibits annexed to O.A. need not be again annexed to the parawise comments.


7.           Send 5 sets of clean readable EXHIBITS, which are mentioned as ENCLOSED in the parawise remarks.  If original copy is not readable, then RE-TYPE the same.


8.           In the matters of Departmental Enquiry, please bring (a) Report of the Enquiry Officer, (b) Statement of Witnesses, (c) Order passed by Disciplinary Authority, (d) Order passed in appeal.


9.           In the matters of promotion / Time Bound Promotion, please bring the original DPC record and Annual Confidential Report file.


10.       In the matters of suspension, please bring the orders, if any, passed by the competent authority on the representation made by the delinquent employee.  Also bring the information if charge-sheet has been filed against the delinquent employee.


11.       After the order is passed in your matter, if you desire, apply immediately for the certified copy of order / judgment to Registrar, MAT, Mumbai.


12.       Please attach xerox copy of order/judgment alongwith your letter for opinion.


13.       If you want to file Miscellaneous Application for extension of time direct the concerned Officer to personally remain present before the period granted for compliance expires alongwith details of steps taken by you after the date of judgment and certified copy of judgment.


14.       Review Application is to be filed within 30 days from the date of judgment or from receipt of judgment or as per directions in the judgment.  Review Application can be filed only on the new ground/s i.e. the grounds that are not taken into consideration in various Affidavits, Sur-Rejoinders etc. and/or in the order/judgment.


15.       While filing reply to Contempt Application, Department to answer following:

(i)                  Who was/is the officer required to take decision or action and ensure compliance of the order passed by this Tribunal.

(ii)                Is the Respondent named as Contemnor is concerned with the disobedience complained of.

(iii)              The date when the Respondent or the officer who was bound to comply with the order came to know about the text of the order passed by this Tribunal, and the date when copy of order / order was served on him.

(iv)              What steps were within power and control of the Respondent for ensuring the compliance of the order passed by this Tribunal and what steps he has taken.

(v)                If the Respondent is himself under obligation to comply with the order, what are the reasons for failure to comply with it and the time frame which he would comply.





Oct, 2014